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What kind of camera do I need?

For the introductory course (PHOTO101), you need a camera that will allow you to shoot in advanced controls. Usually indicated by a large capital (“A, AV & S, TV”).  Digital SLR, mirror-less or any point and shoot camera that allows you to shoot in these Semi-automatic mode is suitable for the course. If you do not have an appropriate camera, you may rent one from the School of Photography for the duration of your course.

For more advanced courses, DSLR's are required. If you need help on what is a DSLR – please visit the following link: CAMRA HELP

Is film ok?

Yes – film cameras are suitable for PHOTO101, as we cover the core principles that apply to both digital and film photography.  More advanced courses such as PHOTO201 and PHOTO301 a DSLR camera is better suited.  

Please check with us before registration.

What brand of camera is suitable?

We are knowledgeable with all the brands out there .  Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, … the list goes on.  Whatever your brand of camera, we can work with you to show you the settings.

What If I do not have a camera yet? Do I have any options?

Yes – we have RENTAL CAMERAS AVAILABLE:  For those students that are interested in taking our classes, but have not yet purchased a camera, you should consider renting our loaner camera. Please note however, these cameras are limited and must be reserved prior to registering for the course.  Loaner cameras are available for an additional cost of the course price.  

($50 for PHOTO101 or PHOTO201)

We also have put together a small guide to help those purchasing their very first DSLR.  Take a look at the following link for our recommendations for your first DSLR purchase: CAMERA HELP

What else do I need?

More advanced classes or editing courses will require particular software/equipment. Please refer to the specific course for individual requirements.

Do you offer a certificate program?

We are an enrichment school and therefore do not offer a diploma or credits, however a certificate of completion is available upon request.





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