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(This Workshops is for advanced Shooters)

In this 6 week advanced photography workshop, you will be learning more in-depth about your equipments and how little techniques can greatly improve your photography

Cost:   $300.00  - plus H.S.T.

Class size: Minimum 3 Students

Class size: Maximum 10 Students

Save $ 50.00 for each additional person

registered at the same time for

Photography 301

18 hours total

6 Classes

3 hours each class


This workshop will be held at:

2515 Hurontario Street in Mississauga


There is lots of FREE parking in the back/


Flash Theory

Using flash off camera

Using modifiers 

Using Multiple Wireless Flash

Working with Natural Lights

Lighting styles for portraiture


DSLR or Mirrorless Camera  (any Brand)

External Dedicated Flash 

Wide angle lens

Telephoto Lens (up to 200mm)

Flash Manual

Memory Cards



Homework will be assigned at the end of each class and critique the following week.  You will be required to provide a printed image of you best shot and other images on a USB memory stick.


Whether you're a seasoned photographer looking to freshen up your portfolio, just starting out your career in photography, a hobbyist who wants to learn some new skills, all our workshops are comfortably structured to suit all levels.


Please note, workshop must be paid online before the workshop begins.

This Workshop is suitable for All Brands of camera with Hot Shoe

Blond female model in black & white holding an hairspray bottle in colour - Photography 301 - Photographed by Peter Gatt - School of Photography

Dates: 2024

Photography 301 - Advanced Photography

Number of Students

Photography 301 - Advanced Level

Photography 301 Outline

Shooting Assignment is Suitable for:

All D.S.L.R.  and Mirror-less cameras



*     Finding your lens’ “Sweet Spot”

*     Using Peter Gatt’s Shutter Speed Formula

*     Colour Balance Fill Flash

*     A.E.L.

*     Camera Metering

*     Internal Metering

*     External Metering

*     Using a Grey Card for Correct Exposure

*     Multiple External Flash

*     Flash Modifiers

*     Studio set up

*     studio shooting

     To register with CASH payment, please e-transfer $339.00 ($300.00 plus H.S.T.)


     Please include: Course Name and Start Date.

Location -

2009 Lawrence Avenue West, Unit # 10

Toronto, Ontario


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