School of Photography

Camera Clubs

The School of Photography offer the following courses for camera clubs and groups

     Presentations - $ 150.00*

     Camera Basics

     Intro to Photography

     Advanced Photography (Zone System and Trick Photography)

     Birds of Prey 

     Painting and Drawing with light

     Photographers Rights, Copyrights, Ethics, Etiquette and all the Legal Stuff.

     Digital Printing

     Freeze Frame     

     Workshops - $ 200.00*

         Photoshop 101

     Photoshop 201

     Photoshop 301

     Photoshop 401     

         Freeze Frame                    

     Playing with Lights and Fire

        Demonstrations - $ 200.00*

     Wireless Flash Photography

     Macro vs Micro Photography

     Green Screen

            For more information and to book a Presentation, Workshops or Demonstrations.

Please contact us at: Camera Club Bookings

* Travel expensive will apply to courses taught outside of the GTA

School of Photography Presentations, Workshops and Demonstrations.