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Learn how to Focus Calibration.

Ever take a great photograph, thinking it is perfectly in focus only to enlarge the image to find that the focusing is slightly off? Why is that? Assuming that everything else is done correctly (shutter speed, aperture, tripod etc.), then it’s probably the focus calibration between your camera and your lens (every lens is different). Some of the advanced camera models will allow you to calibrate the camera to the lens that you are using to get the precise focus that you are looking for.

Join us as we talk about the different tools available to calibrate your camera.

Cost:   $ 10.00   - plus H.S.T.

Class size: Minimum 3 Students

Class size: Maximum 10 Students

1-1.5 hours long

1 Class

Prerequisite for this class:

Photo 201 or equivalent knowledge

What to Bring:

          Pen and Paper

2022 Dates:


  TBA - 8:00 pm - 9:30 pm

  Virtual Classroom

Focus Calibration

Number of Students

Focus Calibration




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