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The School of Photography is one of Toronto’s leading enrichment school for photography. We offer  a wide range of learning options at the highest standard to enable you to improve your picture-taking abilityYou could be a first-time shooter, hobbyist, emerging or professional photographer; whichever stage you're at, the school has something to offer you. We take pride in offering the best photography classes in the GTA.

The School of Photography Courses, Workshop and Trips are lead by award winning photographer Peter Gatt. Peter Gatt was the  official photography instructor for C.S.I.S. (Canadian Security Intelligence Service) as well as C.F S. (Centre of Forensic Sciences).

If they trust Peter Gatt to teach them photography properly, then so should you.


Editing Course is in-depth 20 hours course onPhotoshop CC course. Learn the basic right up to some very advance editing techniques.

(These courses are for beginners to intermediate level photoshop users.)

Courses  are offered in 2,5-hour Hands-ON sessions per class for 8 Sessions, with in class shooting and homework assignments to help you improve your photographic skills. 

(These classes are for all students, from beginners to professionals.)

Outdoor Workshops are offered in 2.5- to 4-hour sessions. These poto shoots will give you some practical hands-on shooting experiences to help you learn specific techniques/styles of photography and build your portfolio.  (These classes are for intermediate to advanced-level students only.)


Indoor Workshops on specific topics are offered from time-to-time so that you can come and practice what you have learned in a real hands-on shooting environment. 

(These workshops are for intermediate to advanced shooters only.)


Photo Excursions are offered on occasion to allow you to practice the skills that you have learned in the classroom as well as to provide you with an opportunity to get that shot that may not normally avail itself. (Photo Trips are for all students.)

Corporate Courses are offered to any corporation that want a specialty course to be offered specifically for their group. It could be a course specifically about your camera, your type of photography work or just photography in general. 

(Photo Trips are available by request.)


One-on-One Instruction is available if you have specific questions about your camera or lighting equipment or problems that you would like to solve. We are also available to come to your home or office at your convenience. 

(The One-on-One private lessons are for all students.)


Gift Certificates: 


If you would like to purchase photography lessons for someone but are not sure what dates and times work well with their schedule, a gift certificate is a great solution. With a gift certificate you are letting THEM decide what time is best for them.  They can even switch to a different program. 

(Gift Certificates are available for everyone.)

The School of Photography is constantly updating it's programs and adding new photo trips. If you would like to be informed of our updates, please email us at

The School of Photography

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