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From beginners to pros, the School of Photography has something to offer you.

The School of Photography is one of Toronto’s leading enrichment school for photography. We offer  a wide range of learning options at the highest standard to enable you to improve your picture-taking abilityYou could be a first-time shooter, hobbyist, emerging or professional photographer; whichever stage you're at, the school has something to offer you. We take pride in offering the best photography classes in the GTA.

The School of Photography Courses, Workshop and Trips are lead by award winning photographer Peter Gatt.

Peter Gatt was the  official photography instructor for C.S.I.S. (Canadian Security Intelligence Service) as well as

C.F S. (Centre of Forensic Sciences).


Happy Anniversary

On April 27th, the School of Photography will be celebrating it's 15th year in operation.

Come join us for some free seminars and photography courses at incredible prices.

The School of Photography

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