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(This Photo Trip is for Intermediate to Advance Shooters)

Excellent opportunity to add unique images to your Portfolio!

Join us for an exciting and rewarding day of photographing raptors in flight in a controlled environment.

Hone your photographic skills and build your portfolio at the same time with flight images and close up portraits of a Bald Eagle, Snowy Owl, Barn Owl, Aplomado Falcon and others.


Number of Photographers for this trip:

Minimum Photographers: 8

Maximum Photographers: 12

Cost:   $ 150.00 CDN plus H.S.T.

3 hours shooting


1:00 PM Start Shooting

4:00 PM Shoot Ends


Saturday Feb. 4th, 2023  -  1:00 PM - 4:00 PM  

Sunday Feb. 19th, 2023  -  1:00 PM - 4:00 PM


Photo 101 or

Equivalent Knowledge

School of Photography - Birds of Prey Controlled Model Photo Shoot

Birds that you may be photographing on this Workshop

One of the favorite birds that people enjoy shooting is definitely the Bald Eagle.

You will be able to take static photos of the Bald Eagle, flight over land and my Favorite, flight over water.

The Bald Eagle:

The American Kestrel

A beautiful bird but incredibly  difficult to photograph in flight. This bird of prey is tiny but extremely fast.

You will be able to take static photos of the Kestrel and in flight.

The Barn Owl

You will be able to take static photos of the Barn Owl and in flight.

The Aplomado Falcon

You will be able to take static photos of the Aplomado Falcon.

On occasion, we can get photos in flight.

Equipment to Bring

A telephoto lens 100-400 range is a good focal length.

A telephoto lens 70-200 will work as well

Faster is better (f/2.8 is ideal)

Bring tripods for the static shots.

Also Bring:

Hiking/Winter Boots




Birds of Prey Workshop

Number of Students

OPEN - 3 Spots Left


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