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The School of Photography is pleased to have Aliona Kuznetsova present "Fashion Project in 8 Steps".

She started her photographic career in Moscow and now currently lives in San Francisco.

Here is a quick write up from Aliona and some of her images.

" I started my photography practice in Moscow back in 2007 . First 2 years I was working as a portrait photographer, photographing a few hundreds of clients in total. This time-period brought me an excellent understanding of light, human face, and connection with my subject. At the same time, it didn't provide the creative freedom I was looking for, that's why I switched to fashion photography. I started by working with Slava Zaitsev Modeling School and later kept on working for agencies in Europe like KaiZen, Photogene, and Options in Switzerland.

But my real passion was for the fashion editorial. After collaborating with several designers, I learned how to use the wardrobe to enhance the color scheme and composition of my photographs. And more importantly, how to communicate a sophisticated story to my viewers. In less than a year I got my first publication in Marie Clair as an advertorial for a Telle Mère, Telles Filles boutiquein Geneva. Since  then I added ElleSwiss, Forbes Romania, Femina, Vogue Italia, and many others to my portfolio.

Now, living in San Francisco and working mainly as a member of Gallery House Art Gallery, I still keep creating my stories and publishing them. I saw the rise and demise of many magazines and can call many editors my personal friends. But I also teach other photographers how to implement and publish their projects. W hen I just started, I thought one must have money and connections to be in a magazine, and I had neither as a young immigrant. Now I teach my methods to others to give the fashion industry more diverse and creative voices. If you want to know how I do. what I do - I will be glad to teach you!

We will start with the idea - how to build your day-to-day to have as many cool creative ideas as possible and how to pick a great idea. Then we will talk about the art of convincing photography and about building a visual aesthetic to best bring your idea to life. Next, we will talk about finding the best possible team and c communicating with your team members to make sure you all are on the same page and will elevate each-other when the time comes.

Next, we will talk about the day of your photoshoot ,from how to mentally prepare to a productive day to how to handle disagreements on set. We will touch up on post-production in Lightroom and Photoshop, discuss the details of putting together the best possible editorial story. We will talk about reaching out to the magazine and finally when your work is published, how to use this publication to improve your relationships with the magazine, team, clients, and followers.

With this knowledge under your belt, you will have a clear picture of what it takes to produce a strong editorial and get it published in a great magazine."

2021 Dates:

April 9th:

Friday April 9th - 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Virtual Classroom

Fashion Project

Number of Students

Fashion Project in 8 Steps

Fashion Project

in 8 Steps

With Guest Speaker

Aliona Kuznetsova


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