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What camera should I buy?

There are many different advantages and disadvantages to different type and styles of cameras.

The first type of camera is a DSLR. The second type is a mirrorless camera. (there is also a third type called an advanced compact, but the school of Photography does not recommend advanced compact camera for out courses

D.S.L.R. (Digital Single Lens Reflex) camera is an older style of camera that is typically designed like the old film cameras and hase a mirror inside the camera. These cameras are typically heavier than the other styles of cameras. DSLR camera offer interchangeable lenses.

Mirrorless cameras are a newer design without a mirror in the camera. generally allowing the camera to be smaller and lighter to it's equivalent DSLR camera. Mirrorless camera offer interchangeable lenses.

Advanced Compact cameras offer a lot of advanced feartures like a DSLR or Mirrorless camera but does not offer interchangeable lenses.

Pro's and Con's

DSLR's are typically less expensive than a Mirrorless camera but weighs more.

Mirrorless cameras are generally lighter, shoots more frames per second than a DSLR. However, if you have an older DSLR camera and lens, the lenses will not fit on the newer Mirrorless cameras without an adaptor which is sold separately

Crop sensor or Full frame

Both the DSLR and the Mirrorless cameras offer "cropped" Sensor or "Full Frame" sensors. So what is the difference? Well a lot.

Full Frame cameras are better at capturing all the fine details in the highlights and shadow portion of your image over a cropped sensor.

Full frame cameras are much more expensive than a cropped sensors.

Usually, full frame camera bodies are better in constructions than a cropped sensor camera. more durable and a better weather seal.

Cropped sensor cameras are usually lighter and less expensive.

What to check for?

Think about the genre of photography you are interested in getting into. (street photography, wildlife, weddings, portraits etc.) Some camera are better suited for different genre of photography. Speak to your sales person about the right camera for you.

Pick up the camera. Some people underestamte the importance of how the camera feels in your hand. If you don't like the way if feels, you are not as likely to want to grab your camera to take a picture. Make sure the camera is comfortable in your hands.

Weight is also an important factor. Some people like lighter cameras. I, personally, like cameras that are heavier. I feel that i have a better balance camera when it's a heavier camera.

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