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This is a comprehensive, hands-on 8 week program that will help you take your photography to a new level. Take greater control of your camera features, learn how to capture the image you want right from the camera. Learn to see what others can not see. Truly understand your camera's Features metering system and external Flash System.

This course is suitable for all D.S.L.R., Mirror-Less and **Advance Point & shoot camera models.

This course is taught through lectures, discussions and assignments. Not suitable for basic point and shoot cameras.

(This Class is for Intermediate - Advance Photographers)    

Cost:   $ 400.00 - plus H.S.T.

ON SALE $ 350.00 Plus H.S.T.

Class size: Minimum 2 Students

Class size: Maximum 10 Students

24 hours total

8 Classes

3 hours each class

Prerequisite for this class:

Photo 101 or equivalent knowledge

What to Bring:

          D.S.L.R. or Mirrorless Camera & Lenses

          Memory Card

          Fully Charged Battery

          External Flash


          Notepad and pen or pencil

** Advance Point and Shoot Cameras must have Aperture

priority (A or AV mode), Shutter priority (S or TV Mode) and full Manual Mode (M)

Photography 201 Outline

           Manual Focusing


           Depth of Field preview

           Shutter speeds

           Manual Mode

           Exposure Compensation




           Custom White Balance

           External flash

Full moon with pure black nighttime sky - Photography 201 - Photographed by Peter Gatt - School of Photography

2021 Dates:

Photography 201

Number of Students

Photography 201 - Intermediate Level

*     Finding your lens’ “Sweet Spot”

*     Using Peter Gatt’s Shutter Speed Formula

*     Colour Balance Fill Flash

*     A.E.L.

*     Camera Metering

*     Ansel Adam Zone System

*     Internal Metering

*     External Metering

*     Using a Grey Card for Correct Exposure

*     Multiple External Flash

*     Flash Modifiers

*     Studio set up

*     studio shooting

Photography 201 is Suitable for:

All D.S.L.R.  and Mirror-less cameras



Location - NEW

Paradigms in Photography

2515 Hurontario Street, Unit 102

Mississauga, Ontario


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