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On Your Camera

Learn the basic of your D.S.L. R. Camera. With this private, one-on-one class you are in control. You will decide what information you would like to learn about your camera and/or about photography. These session can cover any topics that you are interested in learning. From the buttons and dials of your camera to shooting in the field. We are able to accommodate any of your learning needs.

(This Class is for ALL Camera Owners)

Cost:   $ 50.00/hr  - plus H.S.T.  for 1 student

Cost:   $ 40.00/hr  - plus H.S.T.  per student for 2-3 students

for 4 or more students, please check our Group Page

(at your home, office or in the field)

Please contact us for available dates and times.



What to Bring:

          D.S.L.R. Camera & Lenses

          External Flash (if you have one)

          Fully Charged Battery

          Tripod (if you have one)

Possible topics that people like us to cover.

     ✴      Attributes of Digital Photography

     ✴      Camera overview

     ✴      Camera Menus

     ✴      Basic Shooting Modes

     ✴      Apertures

     ✴      Shutter Speed

     ✴      How to download images to your PC or Mac

     ✴      A closer look at autofocusing

     ✴      Lenses

     ✴      Filters

     ✴      Tripods

     ✴      Other Accessories

     ✴      Lighting and Composition

✴      External Flash

     ✴      Sports Photography

     ✴      Portait Photography

✴      Studio set-up

     ✴     Shooting on location


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